“Forefront of contemporary Jewish music.” –

“…the brave sound of klezmer, played with a full heart and as loud as the clarinet can blow.” – TimeOut New York

“Phenomenal… Klezmer musician to the core!” – New York Theatre Wire

“…conveying far more than American klezmer’s conventionally foreseeable exuberance.” – Observer

“…Notable solos by clarinetist Dmitri Zisl Slepovitch.” — Theater Scene

“…Outstanding [jazz] solos on the saxophone” — Yiddish Forward

“the music of Israeli composer Dov Seltzer… is played by a rousing five-person klezmer band led by Dmitri Slepovitch.” — Jewish Standard

“…The refined arrangements by Hankus Netsky with Jesse Gelber and Dmitri Slepovitch should be as appealing to the khazones newcomer as they are familiar to the khazones connoisseur.” — Opera Today

“Mr. Slepovitch’s mastery of five languages… has greatly aided the community aspect of the class.”The New York Times

“…And that is terrific stuff, particularly Dmitri Zisl Slepovitch’s clarinet…Forward

“Traveling the Yiddishland” is a long and fascinating journey, and not just a single stop.”Forward

…Excellent klezmer-style band under the direction of Dmitri Slepovitch…Hadassah Magazine

Presented under the title “New Worlds: A Celebration of I. L. Peretz,” the two pieces, with English and Russian supertitles, add up to admirably creative, visually and aurally engaging theater… Receiving its premiere here, “Di Tsvey Brider,” draws on… music performances by Matt Temkin and Dmitri Slepovitch (who composed the score)…” — The New York Times

“The songs, compiled by Chana Mlotek with Zalmen Mlotek and director Eleanor Reissa, are expertly sung by the strong-voiced cast and buoyed by the sure-handed musical direction of Dmitri Slepovitch.”

The performance’s creepy “Tales From the Crypt” vibe gained much from the atmospheric score provided by Dmitri Slepovitch, Belarusian musician and ethnomusicologist, who played some of his region’s distinctive Jewish music during the intermission. Slepovitch is a terrific clarinetist and a genuine ham.”Forward

“Dmitri Slepovich’s trilling clarinet makes for irresistible dancing music.”Forward

“The four-piece Folksbiene Klezmer Band, led by Dmitri “Zisl” Slepovitch, shines.”Backstage

“Dmitri Slepovitch was one of my favorites, with infectious, ethnic charisma, as he filled the auditorium with traditional Russian themes.”Russian Jazz at JCC in Manhattan review, 2009

Evoking a vanished world and filling the performances with liveliness is the Folksbiene Band: Joshua Camp, Louise Strouse Boiman, Dmitri Slepovitch and Taylor Bergren-Chrisman.The New York Times

“Applause, applause to the Folksbiene Band’s Joshua Camp, Louisa Strouse Boiman, Dmitri Slepovitch and Taylor Bergren-Chrisman.”Forward

“Barnstorming pianist” — Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

“Getting Dmitri, with his encyclopedic knowledge of historical and contemporary klezmer, turned out to be a master stroke.”Clayton Frohman, screenwriter, Defiance movie

“Dmitri is doing extremely important research work on klezmer in Belarus as a doctoral musicology candidate. He is a great clarinetist and the Minsker Kapelye’s CD is quite excellent – a testament to hard work, sensitivity to the genre/repertoire and to the virtuosity of the band’s members.” — Pete Rushefsky, Executive Director, Center for Traditional Music and Dance.