I am available for Music Directing, Rehearsal Accompaniment/ Coaching, and Performance on REEDS (clarinet and saxophone families, flute, shawm, folk woodwinds), KEYBOARDS (piano, harpsichord, organ), and VOCALS (choral/ a capella / solo/ ensemble). See my full music equipment list below.


Litvakus klezmer band, critically acclaimed and known for its upbeat energy and sound varying from raw and primal to refined and subtle,— is available for bookings for all types of events, including private, worship, educational, and corporate events. Check out the Litvakus web-site and YouTube channel. While Litvakus focuses on the East European Jewish, Slavic and Baltic musical traditions, it professionally handle virtually any genre, repertoire, or style.


– Ear training, using the music material that is relevant and/or liked by you or your children.
– Clarinet, saxophone
– Yiddish language
– Conversation classes in Yiddish, English, Russian, Belarusian, Polish, Swedish.


I am lecturing in English, Russian, Yiddish, Belarusian, Polish, and Swedish, on a wide variety of subjects, focusing on humanities, namely:
– East European and Jewish cultures / music;
– Yiddish language and literature;
– Music of any period, tradition, culture, including Western / classical, Russian, European, Asian, and so on;


I can transcribe and arrange your favorite song or piece for any set of voices or instruments. That might be the songs you need for an audition or your own repertoire. If you have a hand-written score you need crisp clear, perfectly legit, and digital, I can do that for you, too. I am using Finale software (21-year experience). I work with early music, traditional/ folk music, all types of scores (choral, orchestral, chamber ensembles, etc.), charts, lead-sheets,  and virtually any music copying / engraving within a reasonable amount of time.

Sample 1: Full orchestra Sample 2: Band score with solo Sample 3: Choral score Sample 4: PartSample 5: Chart

MUSIC CONSULTING for film and theater, and videogames. My consultation credits include Defiance and The Burning Land feature films and numerous theater productions.

MUSIC COMPOSITION (scoring, arrangement, orchestration), all done in Finale software. In every case I can prepare both score and parts.

WRITING: LINER NOTES, WEB-SITE CONTENT. I am a professionally trained musicologist. I can create liner notes for your album, text for your web-site, or write a review upon your request.

WRITTEN TRANSLATION from / to Yiddish, Russian, English, Swedish, Polish, Belarusian.

My music equipment includes:

Clarinets: Selmer Privilege (Bb and A), Buffet Crampon B12 (Bb); C clarinet – Buffet E11; Eb clarinet – Normandy 8 by Leblanc; Bass clarinet – Selmer Privilege Model 67 to low C, Basset horn – Buffet Crampon RC Prestige.

Saxophones: Alto – Yamaha Custom YAS-875EX, Keilwerth CX90 Prestige (Buffet Crampon S3); Tenor – Yamaha Custom YTS-875EX.

Flute: Avanti-Brannen 1000 (B-foot); Piccolo: Pearl PFP-105.
Shawm (Schalmei, soprano), shofar, fluier, tin whistles (penny whistles), svirel in D and in G, dudka, and other folk woodwinds from Eastern Europe.

Keyboard: Yamaha PSR-E433
Home piano: Baldwin upright.

Please contact me if you are interested in any of the above services.

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