The Beary Brothers

Psoy Korolenko, Zisl Slepovitch & Ilya Shneyveys

WHO KNOWS ABOUT TEN? – Spiritual Counting Songs

Psoy KOROLENKO (vocals), Zisl SLEPOVITCH (clarinet, flute, piano, vocals) & Ilya SHNEYVEYS (accordion, guitar, vocals) with guest artist Dinah Slepovitch present an array of songs that all express the meaning of numbers and power of counting in Jewish, Christian, and secular Soviet traditions.

The truly diverse set spans periods from Renaissance through modernity, and geography as wide as from Portugal and Northern Africa to Russia. While the tunes, styles (from Klezmer to Mahler) and languages (from Yiddish to German, from old Russian to Italkit) are strikingly different, the core lyrics of all songs are essentially the same. In a sense, the program is one song with a thousand faces.